Planning for your Personal Branding Shoot

So you’ve decided it’s time to show off the face behind your business, amazing! You’re already well on your way to allowing your customers and clients to connect with you.

Now you’re wondering what kind of images you need? Don’t worry, here’s my quick guide to ensuring you obtain photos which will make you shine.


  1. Where?

    Think about where you are going to use the photos. Websites and blogs usually need some landscape images, for your social media you’ll need portrait. Plan for the next 6-12 months, do you have a new launch approaching? Will you want to use some over Christmas with a few festive props?

  2. Location

    Depending what your brand is all about will help determine your location. If you’re a landscaper you don’t really want 20 photos of you sitting at a desk.

    Equally, if your home office is fairly dark it may be worthwhile looking for a shared office space (I love CoLab at Sovereign Hills).

  3. Outfits

    Here it’s wise to link with your branding. If you have pinks in your branding try and involve them in your outfit. It’s also worth considering what suits you. Canary yellow might be your logo colour but if it washes you out then avoid a large amount of it.

  4. Pinterest It!

    Build a mood board of brand shoot photos you adore. When my clients book in, I create one for us to share if they don’t already have one. That way I can see exactly the style they’re looking to obtain.

  5. Personality

    Let it shine through! Love coffee? Include a few photos of you drinking a cup. Crazy about cats? Add them in somehow, perhaps a cat scarf! Your branding shoot should provide images which give your clients a glimpse into who they’re working with.


2020-08-10 13.02.38.jpg

Image taken at CoLab for Zoe of The Numbers Hub

There you have it, my tips for planning your branding shoot. When did you last update your images? If you’d like any further information please fill in the form & I’ll get back to you.