The Mad Hatter's Tea Party at GROW

On a gloriously sunny Saturday in late November my two children and I went down the rabbit hole…

Our morning began with a drive about an hours west of Port Macquarie, where we live, to Toms Creek. We’ve never been there before and the journey was a lot of fun. Yep, I know, not usually the first sentence which comes to mind when thinking of an hours car trip with two kids! But genuinely, we had fun! Part of the journey was flowed through farm land and we loved spotting animals, watching cows cross the road and the horses shading themselves under the trees.

GROW Queen of Hearts


Arriving at GROW ensured the excitement level in the car went up a notch. We were warmly welcomed by the Mad Hatter herself and the Queen of Hearts who introduced us to a gorgeous baby goat (not an official term, I know..) called Casper, and some cute miniature ponies.

The Mad Hatters Tea Party at GROW

The kids were given balloons and showed to the amazing table. Decorated in true Alice in Wonderland style, alongside beautiful floral decorations it held everything any child could dream of for a tea party. Sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, fairy bread, fruit, juice, and hot coffee for the grown ups!

Alice in Wonderland themed table at GROW

The GROW team, all wonderfully dressed in themed outfits, made amazing hostesses. Encouraging the children to meet the animals and play the varied party games - everything from a duck race to musical chairs, and every child was made to feel extremely welcome.

We had such a wonderful morning of games, followed by a splash in the creek where everybody teamed up to try and splash the Queen of Hearts. The setting they have in Toms Creek is absolutely magical and I was in my element taking photographs and enjoying the party.

Thank you GROW team, we can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2021!

For more information about GROW please visit their website