Why investing in Product Photos is important

Wondering whether it's worth investing in product photos?⁠ Do you really need them?

Here's why I think it's vital for your business:⁠

  •  They are the first thing your potential customers see⁠. Not only do your images need to be eye catching, they need to really show clearly what your product is. Put yourself in your customers shoes, when you're scrolling through a website what do the company's product images say to you?
⁠          Port Macquarie Product Photography
  • Your customers want to see your product in a variety of styles including lifestyle shots, to help them picture your product in their lives.⁠ Whilst the crisp white background is sometimes necessary for listing your products in certain places, it's actually the more relaxed lifestyle photographs you'll probably find you use more. For example, in these shots styled for Little Oil Blends I've added the diffuser subtly to the background, allowing the customer to envision the products in their home.
         ⁠Little Oil Blends Product Photography
  • It's cheaper. Yep, by the time you've invested in the equipment needed to take some good product photos, not to mention the time it'll take you to set up, photograph and then edit, it's often cheaper to hire a professional, and less stressful for you!
          Small Business Product Photography

If you have any questions around product photos I'd love to help, email me at lucy@lucyhumphriesphotography.com and you can view my Product Photography Packages here, starting at just $150.