Word of the Year 2021

Do you have a 'word' for your year?
Being honest, this is not something I have ever done before. But I am part of a truly inspiring business group (The Social Method Society - if you're a business owner take a look!), and our mentor, Tracy Harris, set a challenge at the beginning of this new year to come up with one.
The advice is that it shouldn't take you too long to settle on a word, and that word should be a word that 'feels' right for you at this time.
My word was almost instant. In the past few years, heck, most of my life, I have been told over and over to have more confidence in myself.
I have to say, having the word as a focus, rattling round the back of my brain, is pushing me and in turn allowing me to deliver more for my amazing clients. Instead of shying away from shoots which I may have said no to a year ago, I am saying yes - and loving them!!
Already this year I have photographed a wedding and designed the most amazing maternity shoot, and I am so proud of each of them and can't wait to do more! Even better, my clients have been absolutely delighted with their images.
So, do you have a word for the year? I'd love to know what it is.